winter essentials

1. Over the Knee Boots | 2. Wrap Coat | 3. Hat | 4. Tunic Sweater | 5. Gloves | 6. Clutch Coat | 7. Ear Muffs | 8. UGG Boots

It has been nothing but cold weather here in Philly! So we thought it’d be fitting to put together some of our favorite winter essentials for you all since we still have a long winter ahead [51 days to be exact]!

Over the Knee Boots

OTK boots were definitely a game changer when they became affordable! Alex was smart enough to buy both the heeled version and flat version to pair with leggings and oversized sweaters!

Wrap Coat

Brian [Kim’s husband] just bought Kim this coat from Nordstrom for Christmas! It has been a lifesaver going to dressier events in the cold this winter!


Pom-pom hats are one of our favorite winter accessories. They keep you warm, look super cute, and hide dirty hair fantastically!

Tunic Sweater

Kim came across this sweater at Nordstrom when she was searching for a New Year’s Day top and was so happy when she read that it’s half cotton & half acrylic [finally a combination she’s not allergic to!]. The other great thing about this sweater is the fact that it comes in seven great colors!


If they aren’t tech gloves, they need to be gloves that allow you to access your phone! These glittens are perfect for commuting in these cold temps or even a fun winter activity like ice skating!

Clutch Coat

If you’ve watched our stories on Instagram, you’re aware of the plush faux fur Kim just bought at Gap! This clutch coat reminds us of that sweater but we love how it opens in the front and even has pockets!

Ear Muffs

Ever have your hair up in a ponytail or a classic Alex topknot but still need warmth – there’s no way you can be rocking a hat with that hairstyle so we’re very thankful that this trend is back!

UGG Boots

Alex is on a mission to bring UGG boots back! We think that people finally figured out that you can’t rock your snow boots all the time and, Hunters, quite frankly are still cold even with the fleece inserts. Thank you UGG for streamlining these boots and making them ultra cute!

We hope this guide gives you the winter essentials you need for the next 51 days!

Alex & Kim