Fitness Chronicles

kim. workout tank: gap // workout capris: gap // sweater: h&m // romper: h&m // booties: macy’s

alex. workout tank: old navy (old); loving this one in violet // workout capris: old navy // dress: macy’s (old) // block heels: macy’s; similar & similar

If you follow us on Instagram, you know we had the wonderful opportunity to host a yoga & brunch event with Grey Dolphin Philly! We can’t think of a better way to start our week off than practicing yoga and brunching with some pretty fabulous ladies. We’ll be honest, sometimes we get a case of the “Sunday scaries” which can hold us back from making the most of our weekend. However, having the chance to start our week off on the right foot has made for an even better week. Keep reading to find out more about our experience!


Grey Dolphin Philadelphia

Grey Dolphin Philadelphia

Grey Dolphin Philadelphia

Grey Dolphin Philadelphia

alex. top: old navy [on sale for $12!] // pants: macy’s // sneakers: nike outlet; similar // sports bra: nike

kim. top: gap; similar // pants: gap // sneakers: macy’s // sports bra: nike

As Alex prepares for her road to 30 and Kim continues on her journey to marriage, we are very conscious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle [more so than usual]. Eating healthy and finding new ways to stay motivated in our workout routines is important to us right now. Getting stale in your workouts is a surefire way to lose your passion to workout. So on our hunt for new workouts we connected with Grey Dolphin [GD], a brand new lifestyle boutique located in Northern Liberties. We were so excited for the opportunity to attend their August “POP UP” Event Series last Saturday!

And here’s why…

From the moment you walk in the door at Grey Dolphin you are greeted with smiling faces, and working out instantly feels much less scary. The interior is completely clad in gold and white tones and you feel a sense of tranquility come over you. Their small class sizes make you feel accountable and comfortable rather than cramped in the corner, barely able to hear the instructor, and awkwardly bumping into a stranger next to you [as most classes you’ll find in the city]. Yes, we’ve all been there and never feel the need to go back.

Last week, Grey Dolphin brought in fitness trainer Fabiana Ferriani for their August “POP UP” Event series “Fab with Fabiana” to literally kick our butts in the best way possible. If you ever need motivation to get to the gym check out Fabiana’s Instagram. We loved the way Fabiana structured the class—we did so many different workouts that focused on our legs, abs, and arms. What was great, too, is that any of the workouts we did could be done from home or on the go. It felt like a total body workout and boy did we feel it the next day – everywhere!

One of the biggest assets that stood out to us was Grey Dolphin’s ability to pay attention to detail. The small studio features a modern aesthetic that speaks to luxury living and you’ll find an array of fitness classes, including yoga, dance and barre. From their choice in trainer, to lemon water when you walk in the door, to the decor and lighting, to music, to the chilled towels at the end of our workout, to the champagne toast all of their bases are covered! In addition, plans are in the works for GD to offer wellness consultations, skin care products and apparel to their clients in the future. This unique workout experience is the holistic approach to working out that we’ve been longing for!

We’re so humbled that Grey Dolphin chose Philly for their second city to explore! We are so excited for you guys to experience their personalized training and become the most FAB version of yourself! Visit for updates on classes and events beginning mid-September. We hope to see you there!

Grey Dolphin

Thank you again to Grey Dolphin for the amazing opportunity to experience their unique approach to being “well-thy.”


Hi! A here! My fitness routine is a little different than K’s. I work out once a week with a personal trainer, Jax (ighealthandfitness). Why do I have a personal trainer you ask? Well, I have always found the gym intimidating and I never felt like I was using the machines correctly or doing workouts that would benefit my body type. Enter Jax and the gym is less scary.

A sampling of our workouts is below. Jax is always changing up what we do in the gym, which keeps it interesting, me engaged, and motivated.

  • Warm-Up with dynamic movements [cherry pickers, arm circles & swings, leg circles & swings]
  • Cardio without a machine [burpees, high knees, jumping jacks]
    • Recently added in cardio on the treadmill because I am training for my first 5k!
  • Arms: bicep curls, front & lateral raises, shoulder presses, & upright rows with a kettle bell, tricep pushdowns.
  • Legs: body squats, jump squats, inner leg lifts, glute bridges.
  • Always end with static stretching [figure four, butterfly, heel to butt, tricep & bicep stretches]

If you live in the Philadelphia area and are looking for a trainer I can’t recommend Jax enough! Check out her Instagram and YouTube for recipe ideas and daily, fitness inspiration.


Although working out is an ebb and flow type thing for us — March is the month where we start kicking our workouts into high gear. We find it’s the perfect time because 1. We are finally starting to eat better after months of holidays but it’s time to tone up. 2. The gym has settled down after all of those “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” posers have faded out ;). 3. It’s starting to get warm and your winter hibernation is coming to an end. So we both aim to work out AT LEAST 2 days a week. K goes to a local gym and A has a wonderful fitness specialist, Jax! Read more to find out what K does at the gym.